Montag, 5. November 2012

~ Let the Sky fall... at Skyfall ~

I watched many Bond movies, but my favorite Bond is Daniel Craig. Okay, seems I belong to the younger generation... though I´m 33 years old. But only Daniel made Bond interesting for me. So I watched "Casino Royale" many times. My little brother is a big "Don - The chase begins again" Fan. I suggested him "Casino Royale" and some day he watched it and was in awe, too. Together we talked days and nights about CR and QoS. We watched it in german, in english, we simply wanted to understand everything. After Shahrukh brought us two-gether, now it was Daniel who created new rituals for us siblings. I enjoyed all discussions. My brother is half my age and that gives our discussions more layer and views. He watched "Skyfall" few days back, but don´t know if he liked it. Here`s my review now.

When I saw the first trailer, my first thought was: "Oh noooo, why so short hair, Daniel?" Mmmh so I´m still asking, coz I got no answer during the movie. I didn´t liked his short hairs. In the next movie maybe he has no hairs. No no, I don´t liked that. Just one minus point does not suffice for this. I had to bear it the whole time. It got better when his beard grew a little. Daniel looks stunning with stubbles. Well, okay I equalise his look by adding pluspoints for his stubbles. BUT there was another thing I didn´t understand. He had a Bondgirl, but no sex with her? Plus she shaved his holy stubbles !!! with a RAZOR. Nooo. How could she? She´s a bad girl. Too bad for our good Bond. Better don´t sleep with her. Okay Plus-point for that. ;-)

Another "but"... I didn´t understand why Sam Mendes compressed so much story in so few scenes. I felt he cutted many scenes. Not just the action is faster, also the storytelling. :-( In one scene Bond got to know a girl, in the next scene he takes a shower with her. Nooo, that was weird. Maybe the audience should decide wether it's just a dream or reality. But he was on the boat, in her room. Must be true, ayooo. If that scene was cutted, I wish it's available on the dvd later. Honestly I´m not much interested in a story. I just want to enjoy the picture in front of my eyes. They can talk what they want, it will make sense, if I like what I see. But if I can´t see beauty or truth and pure emotions, then I can´t understand the story. Then it's a bad story or -telling. I´m sorry.

There was almost no relationship between Bond and his girls. Many emotions got missed. There were some small emotional scenes between Bond and M. I enjoyed these few scenes the most. I enjoyed Javier´s great acting. Saw new facets in his eyes. There I found depth, truth and pain. He gave Silva an unique and pure strength. I liked his great lines, just awesome dialogues. It was very entertaining. (Missed Bonds great dialogues.) But Silva had too little screentime. For such a villain you need more screentime and -space. I liked the camera work a lot. I liked the locations. It let me miss London very much. I´m someone who loves to travel with londons tube and I used the District Line a lot. The whole time when Daniel was walking through the tube, I was asking myself: "Uff, why he`s never there, when I´m there?" Minuspoint. :-p

I liked the visuals of Shanghai`s lights and the editing of the whole movie. Love Adele´s Song a lot. Listening it day and night. For me this song promised me more, than I got. With some parts of the story I´m not happy. Most of them were in the second half. The tragic fall at Skyfall was too much and too sad. - Primarily I´m a Daniel Craig Fan, so I will watch his next Bond movies, come what may. I just hope there will be more space for emotions, love, smiles and hairs. My verdict "Casino Royale" is still the best Bond movie with Daniel Craig. I watched it many times and could watch it again right now. But not Skyfall, sorry.

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