Montag, 30. Juli 2012

My brother ... Nikhil (eng)

A very touching movie which include the audience a lot. We´re listening to Anu´s (Juhi Chawla) story about her brother Nikhil (Sanjay Suri). He is a successful championship swimmer till his doctor diagnose HIV+. He is shunned by all sides. He is thrown out of the swimming team and put into a sanatorium. Only his sister, her boyfriend and Nikhils friend Nigel (Purab Kohli) fighting for his rights. With the help of a lawyer they try their best. A long journey starts and the audience accompany Nikhil from a close range.

Its important to get very close to Nikhil. Onir did a great job, while grabbing onto that essential aspect. The song "Le chale" supports every epoch of Nikhils life. Rarely you get involved so much into a movie. The intensive emotions immediately spread towards the viewer. The strong performances transform a movie into a real-life-documentary. You´re so close, that your´re sympathise and reflect your own behavior towards HIV infected people. I enjoyed the love between Anu and Nikhil. It reminds me of my little brother. He means everything to me and the movie always force you to think really deep about such incidents, which can happen to everyone. It made me very sad.

It needs lots of courage to make an indian movie with that topic. My respect to Onir and Sanjay Suri. In 2005, when the movie was released, I think it was very difficult to confront the indian audience with such an unpleasant truth. Still today the work for AIDS awareness goes on. Two days ago (July 28, 2012)  "My brother Nikhil" was screened for educational work in Andamans - Port Blair. It was a break from tradition in Port Blair, but was received with great understanding and interest by an open minded audience. I wish MBN many more public screenings. :-) This awesome movie is a timeless journey into your own heart, into your mind und let grow your respect and affection to all kind of people. Lots of thanks to Onir for standing up and fighting for HIV+ infected people and their proper treatment. I am also very thankful and impressed by Sanjay Suri´s authentic and sensitive performance as Nikhil.

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